Seasonal tire replacement

Seasonal tire replacement

Winter equipment is mandatory in Croatia from November 15th, and in some other countries in our area, even earlier. That's why we advise you to replace your summer tires with winter tires during October.

Our wide network of authorized tire partners is available to our clients: ALD service partners.

The process is very simple - at least 5 working days before the planned arrival, you need to contact the same tire work shop where the winter tires were kept this spring. And if this is the first replacement or if it is a specific situation which cannot be arranged directly with the work shop, ALD Automotive call center is at your disposal: +38516666060,

Let's recall the characteristics and differences between winter and summer tires and why seasonal replacement is important:

  • Winter tires are made of a soft rubber compound and contain more natural rubber, so the tire remains softer and does not harden even at low temperatures. Therefore, winter tires always have more contact with the road, and thus better grip.
  • The rubber compound of summer tires is harder and does not become soft even at higher temperatures. This reduces rolling resistance, which, among other things, has a positive effect on fuel consumption.

  • Winter tires have wider tread grooves. Snow collects in these grooves, which increases grip on snowy roads. At the same time, it is designed in such a way that it rejects accumulated snow and enables the dispersal of accumulated water.
  • Summer tires hasve more longitudinal grooves through which more water can be squeezed out, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

  • The driving surface of the winter tire has additional ribs, which open and close while driving, ensuring optimized braking, stability and reliable grip.
  • The tread of a summer tire consists mainly of simple, smooth rubber blocks in the central part. They ensure contact of a large surface with the road and thus better controllability and shorter braking distance.

  • With winter tires, the braking distance on snowy roads at 50 km/h is about 31 meters.
  • The braking distance with summer tires under the same conditions is twice as long and is 62 meters.
  • The braking distance with winter tires during summer on a dry road also significantly extends the braking distance.


Don't forget, our partners will take care of storing your summer tires until the next seasonal replacement. They also take care of the ecological disposal of unusable tires.

Your ALD Automotive team wishes you a safe drive!