Frequently asked questions



Who is the Full Service Operating Leasing product intended for? What does it comprise?
Full Service Operating Leasing is intended for all those who wish to separate their fleet management from their business and focus on the activities of their core business.
By selecting the "Full Service Operating Leasing" service, the client transfers the risks of using a vehicle to ALD Automotive, especially risks regarding vehicle maintenance and potential extraordinary repairs, pneumatics and calculated residual value. The client pays the agreed monthly price of the leasing instalments with pre-defined services during the contract period. Upon termination of the leasing period, the client returns the vehicle to ALD Automotive.
Contractual parameters are regularly analysed during the lease, all in order to propose adjustments to individual contracts of the client and to make savings and reduce costs during the lease period.

Does the Full Service Operating Leasing service depend on the size of the fleet?
The Full Service Operating Leasing service does not depend on the number of vehicles.
By selecting the Full Service Operating Leasing, you can make savings in all segments of the fleet management process regardless of the size of the fleet.

Full Service Operating Leasing includes maintenance, insurance and financing vehicles. Does this increase the administration?
By selecting ALD Full Service Operating Leasing, you will significantly reduce the administration and time spent in negotiations with numerous suppliers. ALD Automotive becomes your single point of contact for all services related to vehicle use, and the fee for the use of all services is included in a single monthly invoice for each individual leasing contract or vehicle.

Who can I call when I have a vehicle problem?
In case of problems with the use of a vehicle or if you require some of the contracted services, you should contact ALD Automotive Call Centre: +385 1 6666 060 during working hours (Monday - Friday from 08:00 to 16:00), and after hours ALD Assistance: 0800 11 21. The employees of the Call Centre or Assistance will organise vehicle problem solving and ensure your mobility.

If my leasing fee also covers the vehicle maintenance service, where should I maintain the vehicle?
The vehicle maintenance service can be used exclusively in the ALD authorized service centres: the list of ALD authorized partners. It's also available through My ALD application.

How can I order the service; personally or by ALD?
The user can personally arrange the time and location of the authorized service centre: the list of ALD authorized partners, or through My ALD application, or by contacting ALD Automotive Call Center

How many times per year can I use the service?
Each user is obliged to use regular service in accordance with service intervals set out by the manufacturer. In addition, the user has the right to use the services for any vehicle defect regardless of the repetition.

How do I order a replacement vehicle?
 If you have a contracted relief car service in your leasing agreement, you can order it through the Call Centre of the ALD Automotive at +385 1 6666 060; e-mail
It is necessary to order the service two days before using it. When unable to use the object of leasing, you can use the replacement vehicle under the contract terms.

Who is obliged to perform an annual registration renewal?
The user of the vehicle (driver) has to renew the vehicle registration. In order to perform the annual vehicle registration, ALD Automotive delivers to the leesee the required documentation 2-3 weeks before the vehicle registration expiry.  The user performs registration renewal with documents provided by the ALD at the Technical examination station.

In case of use of the vehicle for private purposes, how are the benefits in kind calculated?
Full Service Operating Leasing is essentially an operational leasing. Therefore, when contracting this services model, the same rules for calculating income in kind are applied, which is 20% of the lease, plus the corresponding VAT. The calculation of benefit in kind is exactly the one of the great advantages regarding the property or finance leasing where the basis for the calculation of the benefit in kind amounts to 1% of the value of the vehicle plus the corresponding VAT.