Fleet Manager portal

Moćno rješenje za upravljanje voznim parkom bez napora



Through the online platform Fleet Manager can monitor the fleet and based on available reports can analyze and optimize the fleet

The following information and options are available and dispayed on the dashboard:

  • Location of all vehicles on interactive map and displaying stopped and active vehicles
  • Current vehicle activity in the fleet and the average activity during the last 7 days
  • Average travel length, total fleet mileage and display of examples of uneconomical driving
  • Possibility to select and display previous dates
  • Possibility to (de)activate various options on the map itself
  • Displaying best or most risky drivers based on an overview of events according to fuel consumption, risky driving, the impact of driving style on the environment


  • Display of all vehicles in the fleet. Display of travel by days, where and when the vehicle started moving, and where and when it ended. 
  • The total number of trips in the period of 7/14/30 days, mileage in the given period and the last recorded mileage on the odometer. It also shows the number of trips in a given period. 
  • Detailed display of all movements for a given period of eg 7 days, with each stop and driving time. Displaying kilometers from the counter for every drive.
  • Insight into the list of mobile app users (drivers) within the company. 
  • Total number of trips and fuel cost in local currency. 
  • Easy display of the last location of the vehicle and the current mileage of the vehicle.