Strength and functionalities

Advanced fleet management solution


Fleet Manager portal

Through the online platform Fleet Manager can monitor the fleet and based on available reports can analyze and optimize the fleet.

Mobile app for drivers

Drivers can track their private and business travels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


ProFleet analyses enable fleet optimisation:
•       operational costs reduction
•       compliance with legal regulations
•       reducing CO2 emission
•       raising corporate efficiency
•       improving driving culture

All in one place

ALD ProFleet provides better fleet management, and the data is securely stored in one place.

Monitoring and supervision

ProFleet provides clear details of key metrics: 
•       business mileage
•       private mileage
•       fuel consumption 
•       vehicle location


The data provides insight into valuable information: 
•       CO2 emission (carbon footprint)
•       excessive use of vehicles or unauthorized mileage
•       expensive or risky driving behaviour