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ALD Flex

ALD Flex is a service for existing customers, in situations where they need an extra vehicle for a short period of time, without long term obligations, but with all the services and benefits defined with their Full Service Leasing Agreement.


ALD NET is the fleet manager tool that provides an overview of all data. Both invoices and all relevant vehicle information, for example lease agreement details, can be easily accessed and exported with ALD NET. The online reporting tool provides diagrams of fuel consumption, fleet development and CO2 emissions. The app ensures that all important fleet data is available around the clock.


Amendments may become necessary during the term of a lease agreement as a result of a number of different factors. Reasons for lease agreement amendments include lease extensions and deviations from the kilometre allowance originally agreed.

Cancellation of the lease agreement

Under certain circumstances, ALD Automotive is entitled to terminate lease agreements early. The following circumstances can justify cancellation of a lease agreement: failure to pay the rental, breaches of terms of the agreement, use of the vehicle in breach of the agreement and loss or write-off of the vehicle.

Carmarket (ALD)

ALD Carmarket is an online second-hand car platform operated by ALD Automotive. The platform runs online auctions to auction lease returns to authorised dealers. The platform provides complete vehicle information along with extensive visual documentation. ALD customers can also use the platform to sell cars which they own. ALD Automotive manages the process to ensure rapid and easy vehicle sales.

Car policy

The car policy is an agreement between the employer and employee that regulates who is entitled to a company car and what rights and obligations this involves.

Claims management

Claims management covers contacting qualified garages, organising replacement vehicles, requesting and checking estimates, appointing assessors, processing invoices and dealing with the insurer. Our customers know that, should a loss event occur, all aspects of their claim will be dealt with.

Cover (insurance)

The cover defines the insurance benefits provided under the insurance contract.

Credit check

The credit check assesses the creditworthiness of the lessee. The credit check is conducted before the agreement is concluded and is used by the lessor for risk assessment.

End of the lease agreement

A set term is specified for each lease agreement, for example 24 months or up to 60 months. The vehicle is to be returned to ALD Automotive at the end of the agreed term.

Fixed rate

In fixed rate packages, the lessor invoices a set and constant charge. The lessor therefore bears the risk of increases in repair costs and prices.

Fleet management

Fleet management covers administration, coordination, planning and monitoring to ensure mobility within a company. Fleet management can be provided by the company itself or by an external provider.

Fleet cost analysis

Cost analysis examines direct costs (rental; garage, tyre and fuel costs, etc.). The fleet can then be optimised on the basis of the findings. The car policy should also be regularly reviewed in the light of the cost analysis.

Fuel card

In line with the lease agreement, ALD Automotive issues customers with a BP Plus fuel card and/or Euroshell card for card fuel payments and a wide range of other vehicle services (for example lubricant, car wash and valeting, “vignette” temporary road tax discs, antifreeze, tolls …).

Full service leasing

Full service leasing offers all fleet services from finance, purchasing advice, service, tyres, refilling, insurance and claims management to online reporting. The required services are invoiced at a fixed monthly rate.

Handover certificate

When the vehicle is issued to the company car user, key data is recorded in the handover certificate. This includes vehicle data and documents and items received. The company car user confirms on the handover certificate that the company car has been provided as agreed. He or she must sign the handover certificate for documentation to be complete.

Instructions for vehicle returning

This is a brochure released by ALD Automotive, and refers to the return of the vehicle. Thanks to the detailed description of damage tipes and methods of assessment, it ensures transparency of the process.

International fleet (ALD)

ALD Automotive has branches in 40 different countries and is number 1 in terms of geographical coverage. This is a great advantage if you have an international fleet. “Think global - act local”: we work with our customers globally at a Group level and locally wherever they are based.

Liability insurance

Vehicle liability insurance is a statutory requirement. It is illegal for anyone to drive on a public road in Croatia without such insurance cover.


There are various forms of leasing. The main lease types in the car segment are residual value leases and operating leases.


The customer has a duty to maintain the technical condition and appearance of the vehicle set out in the agreement. The service intervals specified by the manufacturer in the vehicle documentation must be complied with exactly.


Mileage/kilometre allowance

Mileage/kilometre allowance is the total number of miles/kilometres specified for the term of the lease agreement. ALD Automotive offers a maximum kilometre allowance of 180,000 kilometres for lease agreements.

Off-balance sheet

As the focus with operating leases is on use, the vehicle used is not reported in the fixed assets of the lessee and is therefore off-balance sheet. Vehicles owned by the company must, on the other hand, be reported as fixed assets. Rental charges can, however, be offset against tax as expenses / business expenditure.

Operating leasing

With the ALD operating leasing, you lease a vehicle for a predefined term and mileage and ALD Automotive bears the residual value risk. The benefits of operating leases include fixed charges, easier planning, complete deductibility and increased cash flow.


Outsourcing is the transfer of services and processes to an external service provider. Outsourcing reduces costs and enables a company to focus more on its core processes.


For repairs and tyres in particular, excellent quality is essential. ALD Automotive provides its customers with an extensive network of tyre and body partners throughout Croatia.

Payment of rental

Rental is generally paid by the lessee monthly. Each monthly charge is due in advance by the first of the month. Failure to pay the rental constitutes a breach of the lease agreement and can result in termination of the agreement. In such a case, the lessor is entitled to claim damages from the lessee.


ProActive is an online platform through which vehicle users can send us their feedback regarding the provided maintenance services, with the purpose of constantly monitoring the quality of our service.

Replacement car for short-term use

ALD Automotive can arrange and book replacement cars for its customers in cooperation with hire care partners to ensure that your short-term mobility requirements are covered. Easy organisation and rapid mobility are clear benefits of this service.

Road Assistance (ALD)

In the event of accidents, breakdown or theft, our customers can contact the ALD Automotive Road Assistance driver hotline 24 hours a days, 365 days a year throughout Europe. ALD Automotive Road Assistance provides comprehensive mobility support.

Sale and leaseback

Under the sale and leaseback model, that the lessor acquires the customer’s entire fleet and then leases the vehicles back to the company. This gives you rapid liquidity.

Takeover protocol

When the vehicle is collected/returned, a document detailing the appearance of the vehicle is drawn up together with the customer/driver. All items and documents received with the vehicle are to be returned with the vehicle.


Under law, the lessor ALD Automotive is both the legal and beneficial owner of the vehicles.

Total cost of ownership

The total cost of ownership of a fleet includes taxes, fuel costs, insurance, repairs, etc. Total cost of ownership is calculated to allow a real assessment of actual fleet costs.