Benefits for businesses

Why choose Full Service Leasing for your electric vehicles?

Full Service Leasing benefits are already known, and to answer this question, it is necessary to add numerous advantages brought by electric vehicles:

Corsporate social responsibility (CSR)

Social responsibility is a business imperative, but conventional fleets are the major obstacle in sustainability strategy. Accepting CSR also means taking responsibility for increasing the positive impact on the social and economic situation. Switching to an electric fleet is a positive step towards increasing your competitive advantage in the market.

Direct impact on the environment

Conventional vehicles have a negative impact on the environment as a result of fuel consumption and consequent CO2 emissions. As electric vehicles contribute to reduce CO2 emissions by 40%, there is no doubt that they play a major role in preserving the planet.

Cost-effectiveness of electric fleet

The financial benefits for companies switching to electric fleet are mainly achieved on reducing fuel costs. Electricity brings greener and cheaper mobility than standard fuel.

Own charging infrastructure

Until recently, the lack of a solution for charging EVs, uwas the biggest obstacle for many companies in making the decision to switch to electric vehicles. However, the number of charging stations is growing day by day, and the possibilities of home and work charging  are simple and cost-effective.

Wide range of possibilities

The number of brands and models of electric vehicles is growing from year to year, and all major manufacturers aim to be present in e-mobility market because some predictions say that by 2050, electric vehicles will make up two-thirds of all road vehicles. With the development of the market, the choice of models grows, as well as various purchase options, and charging infrastructure develops.