International fleets

Be mobile everywhere with international fleet management from ALD.
Possibilities without borders.

ALD Automotive undertakes international fleet management for your company, in 43 countries! Clearly, the ALD Automotive group is number one when it comes to geographical coverage.

Think global, act local is our motto: at group level we work with clients around the world, and at local level we support them on site. At the heart of these efforts is centralised and professional key account management that involves implementation and strategic cooperation.

With a presence in 43 countries, we possess strong local expertise that helps us cut your management costs and optimise the management of your fleet.

Take advantage of numerous benefits:

-     ALD International helps you realise synergy and purchasing benefits by pooling your decentralised purchase volume.

-     Costs are cut significantly while cost calculation is improved thanks to uniform pricing across all countries in a currency area as regards interest rates and management fees.

-     Streamlined processes through uniform implementation and handling

-     Transparency through the global reporting tool of ALD International with its wide pool of data that facilitates sound business decisions


The ALD Automotive team will be pleased to advise you on optimising your international fleet.