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As a partner to the biggest oil companies, we can offer the benefits of fuel cards to our clients. These cards can be used to buy fuel from all partner service stations in Croatia.

Services procured are invoiced at the end of each month. A detailed breakdown shows you where, when and how much has been consumed for each vehicle.

Specific advantages at a glance:

  • Administrative support: ALD Automotive performs all the formalities involved in ordering and exchanging fuel cards.
  • Ease of handling: All refuelling transactions are recorded in a monthly invoice, independently of the suppliers.
  • Flexibility: You determine the usage scope of your fuel cards.
  • Security: All cards have their own PIN code. Lost or stolen cards are immediately blocked and new cards are issued.
  • Monitoring: The collective monthly invoice enables you to keep track of all services efficiently, and to pinpoint any anomalies quickly. Overseeing the fuel consumption of every vehicle is simplicity itself.

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