Fuel or charge card

We keep you moving.
Wherever you happen to be.

In cooperation with our partners - gas stations and electric vehicle charging stations - we offer our clients the benefits of a fuel or charge card. 

Services are invoiced at the end of each month and a detailed breakdown shows you where, when and how much was spent on each vehicle.

Specific advantages at a glance:

  • Administrative support: ALD Automotive performs all the formalities related to ordering or replacing the cards.
  • Simple handling: All transactions are recorded in a monthly invoice, independentl of the suppliers.
  • Flexibility: You determine the usage scope of your fuel/charge cards.
  • Security: All cards have their own PIN code. Lost or stolen cards are immediately blocked and new cards are issued.
  • Monitoring: Joint monthly invoice enables you to keep track of all services efficiently, and to pinpoint any anomalies quickly. Take advantage of this easy way to control fuel / electricity consumption.

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