Mobility is crucial.
The needs are variable.

Unexpectedly, you need an additional vehicle - for a temporary project, for a business partner, for an employee for a specific period, while waiting for your new vehicle to be delivered? You have switched to electric fleet, but for certain long journeys you need a conventional vehicle? During that period you  want to use all the services and benefits which are provided to you with your Full Service Leasing agreement, but without a long-term obligation?

ALD Flex is the right solution at the right time and at the right price. 

Quickly and easily arrange short-term rentals of one of the comfortable vehicles. 

Benefits you get with ALD Flex:

  •  Special service designed for existing ALD clients
  •  No long-term contractual obligations
  •  The same services as with full service leasing
  •  Mobility at all times
  •  Simple and fast order

We are at your disposal to provide you mobility at any time, with customized service and cost. For more information, your Key Account Manager and ALD Call Center are at your disposal. Contact us!

*Service provider is ALD Fleet Services d.o.o., sister company of ALD Automotive d.o.o.